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About R2B, Inc.
 Hat Trick® “Opening a World of Flavors”™ 

R2B, Inc. is happy to introduce the unique, fun, and must have family of Hat Trick® Bottle Openers and accessories. The Hat Trick® is a slim, light weight, ultra-portable revolutionary bottle opener that attaches to the strap on the back of a baseball cap. It’s curved to meet the shape of your head, and operates without being removed from the strap. The Hat Trick® is far more than just a novelty product; it is a convenient, functional, and conversational accessory that’s great for personal use and companies looking for a unique promotional item to assist in their viral marketing efforts. And don’t forget about the magnetic bottle cap catcher and can tab opener.

We’ve installed these features to save your back from picking up discarded bottle caps and your manicure on those tough can tabs.

In addition to our revolutionary opener, we have combined forces with the neoprene sunglass strap and the neoprene cooly, a wonderful way to keep your beverages cold, sweet free and opener handy. Our embroidered hats make the perfect vehicle for your Hat Trick®. Plus, we’ve gone even farther for our golf enthusiasts by integrating a golf ball marker to the Original Hat Trick® to give you the Hat Trick® Golf Master as well as our versatile Five in One Hat Trick® Divot Tool!!

Our colorful packaging along with several display options which include counter displays, floor displays and pre-loaded clip strips with suction cups for cooler doors make it easy for retailers to find the perfect location for their Hat Trick® products. With several product color and logo options in each display, the consumer will be sure to find the right Hat Trick® product for themselves or as a gift for family members or friends.

 Our Mission and Vision 
» Innovate, create and bring fun, quality products to the marketplace that are useful and answer consumer needs at an affordable price.
» Develop long lasting relationships with key distribution and retail partners that share our focus of delivering value to their customers.


Beer Marketing Gear, Bottle Opener FAQ

 Why do I need this bottle opener anyways? 

If you're asking this question, maybe you should be somewhere else! Seriously, though, if you're a beer lover like we are you know how frustrating it is to pull out an ice-cold brew and not have a way to pop the top. The Hat Trick solves this ancient conundrum by designing the bottle opener into an ultra-portable, low profile, unobtrusive and totally functional design. Plus it has advertising space to boot!

 What makes this bottle opener different from others? 

In addition to being ultra-portable, low-profile, unobtrusive and totally functional, the Hat Trick is made from high-quality chrome and ABS plastic. That means you crack the bottle open and not the opener. The Hat Trick slides onto the strap of your favorite baseball cap and conforms to your head, so your bottle opener goes wherever you do (more features of this bottle opener).

 But aren't all caps twist-offs nowadays? 

Man... what kind of beer are you drinking buddy? With the rise of micro-breweries, everyone's getting better beer taste buds, and craft brewers almost universally choose pry-off caps rather than twist-offs. That's because oxygen is beer's worst enemy, and twist-off caps allow fractionally more oxygen to penetrate the seal, leading to a beer that packs less flavor. Some of the craft brewers that adopted twist-offs have chosen machine-milled models that provide a seal so tight, you'll probably need a bottle opener anyways!

 Why'd it take so long for someone to come up with a bottle opener this cool? 

Beats us. But there has been plenty of bottle opener evolution along the way. While we'd have preferred to have invented beer, we're happy to make the Hat Trick our lasting contribution to the enjoyment of frosty beverages.

 What kind of marketing potential does this bottle opener have? 

Tons! Anyone in the beverage or promotional industry should think about the great marketing potential of the Hat Trick. You can brand it with your own corporate logo or event title, sell it alongside hats or include it with beverage packaging for added value, sell it individually or in bulk. And it's a great word of mouth piece, which gets people talking about you when they're talking about beer. The Hat Trick is a memorable promotional item that generates gobs of positive feedback about your brand.

 Will the Hat Trick improve my game? 

We assume you mean hockey, and the answer is no. However, it might help you save friends from the tragedy of their beer becoming warm while they search for an opener. See our bottle opening etiquette for even more reasons why the Hat Trick is indispensable.

 Ready for the biggest evolution in bottle opener history? 

Try out the Hat Trick bottle opener today!