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Giveaway History of Bottles, Bottle Openers, & Beer

The inseparable history of the beloved beverage and the vessels to contain it

 A Short History of Beer 

Long, long ago, from the dim origins of humanity, there emerged a beverage that granted its drinker incredible intelligence, astonishingly good looks, ineluctable charm and immortality. Sadly, this beverage was lost for the ages but by 3000 or so BCE the Egyptians were drinking beer, which was a pretty good replacement.

Whether brewed from barley, corn, potato, rice or wheat, beer's been a staple part of civilization's diet since it hit the planet. Of course, pass an ancient brew across the palate of a modern beer snob and you would see quite the incredibly reaction, see as how ancient beer was flat, served warm, and essentially unflavored.

Somewhere in the late Middle Ages this all began to change, when someone came up with the brilliant idea of adding hops to the mix. A few more hundred years later, and the next big moment happened in beer history -- the creation of the bottle.

 Bottles Enter the Scene 

Right along with the advent of beer, there was the need of having to put it somewhere. The Egyptians uses urns or vases, the Romans preferred glass beakers, bowls, and pots. Middle English monks preferred the wooden barrel, but it was the nineteenth century when the perfect vessel for beer gained popularity -- the bottle.

Of course, just having a bottle wasn't much of a solution. Sure this vessel offered a way to transport beer over great distances and a wonderful drinking experience, but what about sealing it up? At first a cork was used, but by the end of the nineteenth century a man by the name of William Painter finally figured it out. In 1892, the US issued the patent (US Patent 468,258) for the first bottle cap -- the crown cork (named for its resemblance to the British crown).

Painter's invention did a lot for the beverage industry. Suddenly beverage products were massively more marketable and it was easier to get the drink to the end consumer. The bottle cap's invention fit perfectly with the incredible changes underway as part of the industrial revolution, and a few evolutions aside, this method of sealing bottles persists to this day. After all, brewers and beer drinkers know the truth -- beer just tastes better from a glass bottle.

While there was a bit of a second Dark Ages of brewing in America for much of the 20th century as cheap, with bland lager the only variety of our favorite alcoholic beverage around, by the late 1980s the Renaissance of the micro-brewery movement was in full swing. Today, you can find locally craft brewed beer from one corner of the country to the other, with brewers taking full advantage of the nuances of barley, malt, hops and yeast, not to mention the potentials of wheat, potatoes, fruit and even more exotic grains, spices and additions.

 What would a bottle be without an opener? 

Man... what kind of beer are you drinking buddy? With the rise of micro-breweries, everyone's getting better beer taste buds, and craft brewers almost universally choose pry-off caps rather than twist-offs. That's because oxygen is beer's worst enemy, and twist-off caps allow fractionally more oxygen to penetrate the seal, leading to a beer that packs less flavor. Some of the craft brewers that adopted twist-offs have chosen machine-milled models that provide a seal so tight, you'll probably need a bottle opener anyways!

The tool used to open your favorite bottled beverage has evolved into many shapes and sizes over the years, but that's a different story. Why not read about the evolution of the bottle opener?


Bottle Opener Etiquette, Custom Beer Gifts

Getting a hat trick has never been easier! Even if you can’t skate you can still score one!

There are two reasons why a man should remove his cap:

  1. To pay respect to his National Anthem.
  2. To open an ice cold beverage.

If opening your ice cold drink by using the back of your cap is odd, I don’t want to be even!
- Former Baseball Legend

After many many bottles, too many caps to remember, and some rather fun, um, "market research," we're proud to report on some of the top uses of this innovative bottle opener and some tips and tricks to being an effective, well-adjusted bottle cap opening human being.

 Top uses of this Custom Bottle Opener: 

  • Show your lady how much you care: take her hand, get down on one knee, remove your cap, and pop open her favorite beverage!
  • If a friend asks you to open their drink for them, show off your magical skills with a hat trick.
  • Impress your prospective boss by cracking open his beer at your next job interview luncheon!

"There are two things that really frighten me. My brakes failing on I-95 and not being able to find my bottle opener."
- A Wise, Wise Man

 Dos and Don'ts of Hat Trick bottle opening: 

  • DO - Assist someone at a party who is struggling to get their beer open, especially if it's someone you'd, ah, like to get to know a little better. Flip off your hat, grab the beer, and snap away!
  • DON'T - Proceed to drink the beer you just opened if it's someone else's.
  • DO - Keep your Hat Trick on you at all times. Who knows what tailgate, wild party, barbecue lunch, or job interview will come up? All the successful beer drinkers we know are always prepared to score a hat trick and win one for the team.
  • DON'T - Try to pull a rabbit out of your Hat Trick, we've tried it and it doesn't work.
  • DO - Make the Hat trick the life of the party. Tell everyone about the trendy craft brewer or fine beverage establishment that was giving them out. When they try to steal your hat, give them our number.
  • DON'T - Think the Hat Trick will protect you from saying things you'd regret while intoxicated. It's an amazing device, but we haven't quite worked out the "protect you from yourself" function yet.
  • DO - Improve your taste in beer and show off your astonishing discrimination and taste by buying better beers with real caps whenever possible. No one has to know it's because you like to impress them with the Hat Trick.
  • DON'T - Play hockey while drinking. Sure, I know the thing's called the Hat Trick, but really -- impress your friends by cracking open their beers, not breaking your legs, okay?
  • DO - Drink Responsibly

And most importantly, DO carry your Hat Trick everywhere -- just don't let anyone steal your hat!


Bottle Opener History, Beer Promotional Item Evolution

 Ready for the biggest evolution in bottle opener history? 

Logic tells us that bottle openers have been around about as long as bottle caps have. Sure, there might have been a short period of time where people screamed in exasperation as their beer was sealed off beyond their grasp, but we hope this awful part of history can be forgotten as we focus on one of the most important accessories a man can carry -- a bottle cap opener.

Anyways, providing you read about the history of bottles and beer, you know that William Painter patented the Crown Cap in 1892 and a variation of that same cap is the one still in use today. In the infancy of this profound invention, the device of choice for popping the top was the aptly name Crown Cork Opener, a simple triangular-shaped, single purpose bottle opener design that still persists today.

But once a few decades passed, and bottled beer really took off, the desire to have a combination bottle opener/wine corkscrew became paramount to a select confused minority. This need led to the creation of the common corkscrew, the strange twirling device we can't quite figure out but which is meant to get a cork out of a bottle of wine (thankfully, it has a bottle opener on the top of it). Somewhere around here someone made the low-profile "Waiter's Friend" corkscrew, a Swiss Army-style contraption with a low-profile corkscrew, slim blade and a crown cork opener on the other end of it.

Now the bottle opener world is overflowing with possibility -- there are bottle openers that stick to the refrigerator, that are screwed into a work bench, that hang on a key chain, that are found in the kitchen utensil drawer, and even openers that talk to you when used! These all work just fine as long as you have one accessible when you need it. I don't know about you, but we're nomadic drinkers and we're often far away from these novelty openers when the need arises.

That's what makes the Hat Trick the biggest evolution in bottle opener history.  It seems like the times you need a bottle opener the most is when you don't have one or can't find it.  No worries friend, the Hat Trick is here to help you in times of need.  It attaches to the strap on the back of a baseball cap so it goes where you go.  It is curved to meet your head, it's lightweight and undetectable (until its time to score), and it does not have to be removed from the strap in order to use.  The coolest feature is that it has a magnet so that when you open your favorite coldy, the bottle cap sticks to the magnet.  This multi-functional, multi-tasking ultimate piece of beer gear will always make you smile and will never talk back.  So are you ready to score, are you ready for the biggest evolution in bottle opener history?  Then order your Hat Trick today.